Turning over a new leaf? Starting a new chapter in your life? Well, you have found the right journal! “WORDS THAT DESCRIBE MY YEAR, JOURNAL”! Imagine documenting your thoughts, encounters, and positive, negative, and grateful moments of your life. This journal offers a simple, free writing method to document and track your daily life a few lines at a time and guess what? You don’t have to write every day, but you will open this journal every day to set and check off goals, keep track of your habits, write on your calendar, color, keep track of books read and by the end of the year, rate your year and complete your year-end review!
Grab a pen and invest a few minutes a day utilizing these pages as you please! Write a quote, about how your day is going, affirmations, and feelings, but the goal is to journal a little each day. Use this journal as part of National Journaling Writing Month also called (najowrimo) or for your daily life and routines.
So, are you ready to begin the first step towards creating new habits and discovering your journaling life? Well, add two copies of this book to your cart, one for you and a friend because I am sure you don’t want to take this journaling journey alone.

The journal includes:
• 150 pages
• Lined Writing Pages
• Affirmation on various pages
• 12-Month Blank Calendar
• Goal Setting Pages
• Habit Tracker
• Wish List
• Reading Log
• Coloring Pages
• Rate Your Year Page
• Year-end review worksheet